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How To Find A Computer Power

Exactly what does "ATX" are a symbol of? ATX means Advanced Technology eXtended. In conclusion it defines some standards in measurements and forms that can help make items like computer power supplies interchangeable with each other.

ATXPower writes this short article on selecting the best power for the computer that will help you in the decision making process process. Regardless if you are purchasing an energy supply for the new computer or simply replacing a classic one hopefully this helps within the buying process.

The initial question to inquire about on your own is, "Is my power an ATX form factor?". For those who have these details available then your buying process is a lot simpler. The details are sometimes placed somewhere around the power or might be within the manual for the existing computer. If you are searching to have an ATX power make certain the ability supply is definitely an atx vs micro atx form factor, not micro ATX or other.

Possibly probably the most approach to use within selecting an energy supply is evaluating the physical dimensions. Make certain your pc situation can hold the the peak, Width, and Depth from the power. If you're replacing a current power then take measurements from it before you decide to discard it. Check out the graphic above to achieve a much better knowledge of Height, Width, and Depth. In case your power is considerable smaller sized compared to typical size of our atx power supplies then it may be possible that you've a micro atx power supplies. If you think you may have a micro atx power then you may compare its dimensions with this 200W micro atx power.

Once you have selected your power according to physical dimensions you'll need to have a look at what connectors you'll need in your power. Different power supplies have different connectors so it is best to pick one with connectors that meet every single need. It's okay if you purchase an energy supply and never use a few of the connectors. You can easily leave them hanging unconnected. Here is images of some common connectors available on atx power supplies:

20 pin ATX Connector - The 20 pin ATX connector that inserts into an atx motherboard. In case your motherboard includes a slot for that 20 pin connector proven within the graphic they you may be almost 100% sure that an ATX power is needed for the motherboard.

Pay close focus on the amount of pins. On some computers we have discovered that this connector contains 24 pins rather of 20.

24 pin ATX Connector - Some computer motherboards need a 24 pin ATX Connector. Given our consider your experience we advise purchasing an energy supply having a 24 pin connector built-in as opposed to a ripper tools that converts the 20 pin to some 24 pin. The converters generally have poor power distribution while an energy supply using the 24 pin connector built-in is going to be powered from the ability supplies.

P4 Connector - Most motherboards which have Apple Pentium 4 processors have a slot around the board with this P4 connector. In case your motherboard has this slot then make certain you receive a power having a P4 connector onto it. In case your motherboard does not possess a slot with this connector it's still okay to buy an energy supply with this particular connector, and then leave the P4 connector unconnected.

4 pin IDE Connector - This is actually the IDE connector that supplies capacity to your hard disk drives and cdroms. Most atx power supplies have 4 connectors of the type incorporated. If you want greater than 4 connectors it is best to purchase y-splitters to improve the amount of connectors. Purchasing power supplies using more than 4 connectors can frequently be more pricey than investing in a y-splitter.

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